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distretto dei laghiPerhaps the most picturesque among the picturesque places of Great Britain. Of sure, more one of the visit, with points that during some weeks ends reach even the 250 thousand tourists a day. We are speaking of the Lake District, the "district of the lakes" (well 16), marvelously painted by Turnere Constable, romantically described by Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey the so-called lakes poets and fixed forever in the memory by the fables and by the sketches of Beatrix Potter (1866-1943). You "mother" of Peter Coniglio, of Jemima Anatra and of Nutkin Scoiattolo, in fact, not as soon as it reached the economic independence (in 1903, really thanks to the success of her books for the infancy), definite to abandon the elegant London district of Kensington in which she had been born for moving themselves to the Lake District. Fascinated by the idyllic beauty of the places that had known since child (the family came us in vacation) and that characters and landscapes of its books had inspired her, the Potter used because they were preserved. It purchased numerous ownerships, it devoted him to the agriculture, to the breeding and the environmental maintenance. It made every effort so that the farmers followed her example and they continued to raise the sheep Herdwick saving her so that the extinction, and it fought to support of almost all the countries of the newborn National Trust: from that for the opening of public paths to that to forbid the landing of the hydroplanes on the lakes. A faith so strong ecologist that, to her death, definite Beatrix Potter to leave in gift to the National Trust all of his/her ownerships: 16 farms and 1.600 hectares of grounds. Well repaid trust: eight years later, in 1951, the Lake District, almost 3mila square kmqs between Preston and Carlisle (in Cumbria), lake districtit became national Park. With the tallest peak in England (the Scafell Pike, 977 ms), the widest lake (the Windermere, 16 kmqs) and that more depth (Wast Water, 79 ms). still today, despite the tall number of tourists, one of the few British areas it deprives of motorway net. Here, only roads to a roadway, but in remuneration kilometers of cycle footsteps and sentieri.La more famous place is certainly Windermere. Discovered by the tourism in Victorian epoch, both thanks to the dawning interest for the nature both thanks to the railway net (it is of 1847 the arrival of the railroad), she was suffered chosen what ideal destination for the weekends of the rich men of business of Manchester. A visible past still in the sumptuousness de-the buildings: once private villas, now elegant hotels and restaurants. Taking one of the paths that depart from the railway station, he reaches Orrest Head, one of the most enchanting panoramic points in the whole zone. Taking the government A592 instead in south direction, he reaches Bowness-on-Windermere or the place from whether to depart for a cruise on the waters of the lake. From Windermere, following the A591 in direction northeast he immediately arrives to Ambleside, town to tall concentration of shops specialize-you in the leisure time and in the activities outside. The historical center is protected from the Belle Arti and its characteristic building, The Bridge House (in Rydal Road), a minuscule cottage in stone of the XVI century astride a stream, is now center of tourist information. The more suggestive panoramic point is Loughrigg Fell, while the architectural landmark is the neogotica church of St Mary, drawn by Sir George Gilbert Scott in 1850.
Small and of atmosphere, the little pond of Rydal Water, to around 3 kms from Ambleside, ago from frame to RydalMount, she ca-knows it where Wordsworth moved him to 1813 after the death of her children. A tragic event that she forced it to abandon Grasmere, with the beloved one Where Cottage, near the lake, where she lived in extreme poverty between 1799 and 1808.Data the beauty mozzafiato of these places, to find adjectives that succeed-no to describe the panorama offered by the lake of Coniston Water is difficult indeed. In this zone, to few west kilometers of Ambleside along the A593 there are it "house" of Beatrix Potter: to Near Sawrey the famous Hill Top Farm is found but also Monk Coniston, the vast estate whose confinements include Holmc Ground, the farm of ownership of her grandfather in which the Potter was usual to pass the vacations and Tarn Hows, water's mirror similar to a tear, an angolino of absolute beauty that besides being among the destinations more gettonates from the excursionists she has served as location to various scenes of Miss Potter. Continuing toward most northern Scotland, the landscape becomes more and more dramatic and wild. F. Ullswater, for length the second lake of the District (12 kms), she offers the most extraordinary representation of it. The suespondes it is long that William Wordsworth saw "to dance" for the first time the narcissuses wild object of her lyric perhaps more note, and it is here or however to few kilometers that capital Penrith,l'antica of the kingdom of Cumbria and Greystoke are found, her "city native" of Tarzan. Unfortunately the castle is closed to the public but not so the cathedral of St Andrew: and it is really here that the portrait of the baron of Greystoke is found on which Edgar Rice Burroughs inspired his "gentleman of the monkeys."

The Lake District
boasts 16 among lakes and little ponds, that are stretched to mo' of rays of a wheel around the thick one of the Scafell (977 ms). As the alpine lakes, you were modeled by the glaciers; the man's hand, with the creation of pastures and farms, she has turned then the region into one of the most picturesque landscapes in the whole England, today visited by million of tourists (14 a year, against a population of 42mila residents).

lake districtConiston Water third of the lakeses for lunghezza(8 km), it was one of the first ones to cultivate the lake tourism, with the lances avapore of the Furness Railway Company. On the near lake Windermeres crossed the boats that oggisi can admire in the Windermere Steamboats instead & Museum of Bowness